Monday, December 05, 2011

A Little Bit of Sunshine...

On Saturday we went to the Sunshine Center's Annual Christmas Sale. We've driven by several times and been particularly impressed with the garden and greenhouse - even though we could only see it through the chain link fence. We often wondered about what was going on there. It's only recently that we found out a little more about the mission of Sunshine Inc. The following is from their website.

Sunshine is a private, non-profit organization and an agency of the United Way of Galveston, established in 1953 that provides essential services to an often overlooked, but very deserving segment of our community, the developmentally disabled. Sunshine strives to meet the developing needs of our growing client population  by providing quality innovative programming with a professional, committed and compassionate staff in a safe and secure environment. Sunshine's programming includes day-habilitation and supportive employment.   Sunshine is proud of its 51 year history in the community and has set a standard for families requiring comprehensive care and quality programming for their loved ones.

Sunshine uses three main areas for training. Life Skills, Ceramics and Horticulture (mystery solved). At the sale we got a better look at the garden and greenhouse, patio area, arbor, etc. Over the years we have visited numerous hort-therapy programs but this was among the most impressive. We left with some herbs, a few succulents, a nice ceramic pot and a terrific feeling about the wonderful people at the Sunshine Center.

Each year Sunshine puts out a wish list for donations. Here's what is on the 2011 list if you have some of these items or just in case you want to make a donation. Volunteers also welcomed. (NOTE: This is the 2011 list - might be a good idea to contact them for an update before donating materials.)

2 New Compost Bins
6” plastic pots
Potting & garden soil
Large outdoor fans
Yellow sticky traps
Patio benches/swing
Veggie/Herb seeds or plants
Garden tools/ watering hoses

Sunshine Center Inc.
1726 21st St.
Galveston, TX 77550
(409) 763-5029 (409) 763-3621
(409) 763-5324 (FAX)
Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday

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David said...

Looks wonderful and I love hearing about places like this.
Have you heard of a similar, parallel universe called Brookwood?
I get some of my best Christmas gifts from this place. The developmentally disabled adults make their own ceramics, have a greenhouse, and also retail garden center along with a restaurant. I've never been to their main campus outside of Brookshire Texas, but it sound a lot like this wonderful place of 'sunshine'. David/ :-)
P.S. Next time we are in Galveston I will try to stop by and visit their greenhouse.