Friday, December 02, 2011

Lunch on the Pier...

Today we had lunch at the recently re-opened, Jimmy's 89th St. Pier. Most folks remember Jimmy's as the pier where the couple road out Ike when the driveway collapsed. Their pickup was stranded there for at least 2 years as a visual reminder.

 The building is completely renovated and the views are great. The restaurant offers a pretty diverse menu but for my money you can't beat the fish tacos.

Anyway - as we sat down our server brought 2 cups of water. These weren't just any cups. They are compostable. So when we finished lunch we brought the cups home to put on our compost pile as sort of an experiment. What a great idea - if it works. I'll keep you posted.

BTW - Since I was on a kind of environmental roll, I decided to have a beverage from another recyclable container. I feel strongly that no sacrifice is too great to help preserve the environment. 

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