Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gardening Update...

Fall is an excellent time of year for major garden renovations. I've got lots of projects planned for my aging landscape.

Last week I gave the Esperanza and Pride of Barbados a serious whack back. I’m always a little nervous about cutting things back at this time of year because yo­­u never know what the weather will be like. An unexpected cold snap can damage tender new growth. 

I’m always amazed at how fast these things grow. There are already new shoots forming on both. Just hope the warm temps hold long enough to avoid problems.

 For some reason Brown Garden Snails absolutely love my Bird of Paradise. On several occasions I’ve collected 20 – 25 of them from the whorl of leaves at the base of the plant. Disgusting. These snails are without question the most damaging pest in the garden.

My Mexican lime is finally fruiting. The tree definitely has some kind of virus or other disease but I haven’t had time to get it diagnosed. Mainly because I doubt seriously if there’s anything I can do to control it.

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Galveston Gardening said...

At least 3 readers have responded saying that my lime has leaf miners. I’ve looked closely and don’t see any leaf mine tunnels. BUT – I must admit the overall foliage appearance looks like the pics of leaf miner. So I guess I’ll take y’alls word for it.

Also had several recommendations to use beer for the Brown Gardens snails. I can get slugs to crawl in to a container of beer but not the snails. Maybe I should use a different brand of beer.