Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Visit to Deborah's Garden...

Last Sunday I made a return visit to Galveston’s Own Farmers Market. There were a good number of folks there for such an early hour. I took a quick look around and then headed across the street to check out Deborah’s Garden (DG). Between the market and DG, there’s a kind of a holistic, organic gardening synergy that makes me want to break out some of my vintage 60’s T shirts.

We checked in to Deborah’s Garden several years ago but decided that public gardening was – well, just too public. I’m not a joiner and don’t always play well with others. But that’s my problem – NOT Deborah’s and there are some pretty cool things going on in this local community garden.

Like most community gardens, participants pay a fee and are then assigned a (raised) bed. After that, it’s up to each individual person to decide what to do with it (this is the part where I get a little freaky). Some folks have obviously spent serious time growing and maintaining their plot – others not so much. There are all different kinds of things being grown from herbs and veggies to ornamentals - even some fruit trees.

One of the latest developments at DG is the addition of a chicken coop with 16 clucking residents. This too is a community effort and participants share in the daily responsibilities. From what I understand, there is now a waiting list to become part of the egg co-op.  

Although “community” gardening isn’t my thing, DG is a really cool place and worth checking out. 

Located at 2500 Post Office St, Galveston, Texas.

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