Saturday, August 18, 2012


This is a challenging time of the year for gardening. Hot, dry and brown. You have to really look hard for bright spots. If we have one – it’s our lemongrass!!!

We bought a puny little 4 inch pot of lemongrass in late spring. Stuck it in our herb bed and holy guacamole… It is now humungous. Actually, it has out grown its spot and this fall we’ll have to move it someplace else in the garden.

The plant is beautiful. Not an insect chomp or diseased leaf on it. I’d say it is at least 4’ tall in the center and probably 3+ feet in diameter. 

The next big challenge is to identify some good uses for this aromatic herb. I’ve seen vinegars made with lemongrass. And I’m sure it can be used as a seasoning. But I’m mostly interested in some kind of tea. 

One thing is for sure – we’ve got plenty of it!

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