Monday, May 28, 2012

Love/Hate Relationships...

Ever have something in your life that you love BUT really don’t like? In many situations it is a subtle distinction. However - when it comes to my landscape, the differences are clear as night and day.

Cannas. Mine came with the house. Probably date back to the early 1900’s. They’re the classic orange flowered cultivar you see all over the island. They survived the saltwater flooding of Ike. Made it through back to back freezes and last summer’s drought. I LOVE the notion that these plants are survivors and thrive with little care/maintenance – but I just don’t LIKE them! The leaves are always gnawed up and full of holes (despite frequent BT applications), they flop over and just seem to be out of place.

Hackberry. Also came with the house. A fence line tree. It too made it through Ike, freezes and the drought. Most importantly, it provides some outstanding shade for our yard and deck. I LOVE the shade but absolutely do not LIKE anything about a hackberry. They’re messy, weak wooded and mine has been so “hacked” it barely resembles a tree. 

Schefflera. Another inhabitant when we bought our house. Survived the storm, freezes and the drought with barely a hiccup. Kind of a strange plant because it has grown “through” our deck and is now part of the landscape at 2 levels. I LOVE the uniqueness of this guy, but I don’t really LIKE it as part of the landscape.

I could go on here (i.e. crape myrtles, boxwood, more cannas…) but you get the idea.

So am I the only gardener that has these kinds of love/hate relationships with my yard. Or – are there others that agonize over such things? I’d LOVE to start over in some of these areas but I don’t LIKE digging stuff up. I think I need some kind of "Garden Therapist."

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David said...

I have a lot for this category and cannas are one of them as well. The only cannas I keep are 2 or 3 species cannas that can resist the insects. Another plant I can't make myself like is Oleanders. I think it's because we had them as kid and I couldn't climb them or turn them into forts like a stand of bamboo. They do have beautiful flowers, but I still can't seem to like them. Another tough one to like is bottlebush. My wife adores them, but I find the leaves too prickly looking. Nice post.