Monday, January 16, 2012

Last Call - Galveston Gardening Happy Hour

This Wednesday - January 18th, 5:30 - 7:30 pm, we'll meet at the Wizard (2325 Church St) for the first-ever Galveston Gardening Happy Hour (GGHH). Since the initial announcement there's been a few questions and comments. - like...

Q. Is the Wizard a bar?
A. Yes.

Q. Why is it at a bar?
A. More importantly - why not?

Q. Where is it?
A. 2325 Church St. Galveston, TX (across from M&M).

Q. Who's invited?
A. Anyone with an interest in landscape gardening.

Q. What if I don't drink?
A. Not a problem - the Wizard offers water, soft drinks, etc.

The Wizard 2325 Church St.
The GGHH is not a club, organization, volunteer group or society. There are no dues, membership fees or entrance requirements. Just a group of folks getting together to discuss gardening on this tiny sliver of land we call Galveston Island. While, of course, enjoying a beverage of choice. (BTW - mainlanders ALWAYS welcome!!!).

There won't be any formal presentations or speeches. Just informal conservation and garden BS. GGHH participants are "encouraged" (but certainly not required) to bring stuff like...

Pictures of your yard or garden...
(Mine are on my phone)

Plants to share or be identified...
(I've got some bulbs that need a good home)

Plant problems...
(I'll have a scope set up for a close look at bugs and other critters)

I'm also hitting up some of my old nursery buddies to provide a few new plant releases for us to check out. Towards the end of the evening we'll raffle them off as door prizes. Plus any other goodies I can come up with.

Feel free to invite your friends and neighbors - hope you can make it...

For more info leave a comment below or email.

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Anonymous said...

Does The Wizzard allow indoor smoking?