Saturday, November 19, 2011

Truffles and Escargot...

While working up a new bed I ran across some fleshy things that appear to be truffles.

Now I know that many of my friends and readers will have a hard time believing this - particularly given my breeding and sophistication - but I've never seen OR eaten a truffle. So I'm just "supposing" that's what these are. In reality, they're probably some saprophytic fungi, living off decaying tree roots. But hey - ain't that what a truffle is? Anyway - your thoughts here would be appreciated.

Along the same line of thought. We also have an abundance of European Brown Garden Snails in our yard. Although these guys are not the same as the snails used for French Escargot, they were imported in to the US just for that reason. Turns out our love of snails was not as great as expected and the project fell flat on its face - leaving the critters behind as a serious garden pest.

These discoveries take our garden to an entirely different culinary level. That only leaves one question - what goes best with "Galveston" truffles and escargot - Shiner or Miller Lite?


Lara~GreenThumb said...

A Shiner for sure.

David Luper II said...

They look like truffles to me, I live in Galveston and go to Galveston College and majoring in biochemistry and focused on mycology (mushrooms) with a big interest in truffles, and have been looking for what you found. Any chance I can get one of those from you or dig up a fresh one? What kind of tree was it growing under? Any pecan trees around? Please let me know, thanks! Dave