Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Satsuma Time...

Several years ago a good friend and nursery owner gave me a 'Miho' Satsuma. We've had it in the same pot for at least 2 years with very little care. The darn thing has made it through 2 hard freezes (I think I moved it under the house for one), blistering temps and - of course - the drought, with only occasional hand watering.

When it flowered we NEVER thought we'd see fruit but to our surprise - 5 small Satsumas appeared. They "hung in there" all summer and yesterday we had our first-ever citrus harvest.

Satsumas are among the most cold tolerant citrus available and a reasonable choice for Galveston and the Texas Upper Gulf Coast area. Both Patio Citrus and in-ground plantings do well as long as we don't get super-low winter temps.

George and his Dad.
There are a number of desirable Satsuma varieties available. Among them are 'Miho' & 'Seto' (originating from Japan, where Satsuams are king), 'Kimbrough' (named for Professor Kimbrough at LSU) and 'Mr. Mac'. 'Mr. Mac' was named by our good friend Dr. George Ray McEachern in honor of his father - Murphy W. McEachern, who was the Extension Agent in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana for over 30 years.

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