Thursday, September 15, 2011

September, 2011 - Garden Bloggers Bloom Day...

The 15th of every month garden writers throughout the blogosphere take part in this monthly event originated by May Dreams Gardens. It's an opportunity to observe and comment on what plants/flowers are thriving in gardens throughout the US and the world.

This year the choices are few and far between here in Galveston. But there are a few drought/heat tolerant plants that seem to be surviving and thriving across the island. I'm talking about Esperanza and Pride of Barbados. Mine are still looking pretty amazing, despite the torture they've been through this summer.

Rather than droning on about the virtues of these 2 plants, I thought I'd show them in our garden.

Wish I could have caught some of the hummingbird action. They love these plants. But those guys are way to fast to catch with my iphone!!!

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HolleyGarden said...

That esperanza is just beautiful! Love your gate with the arbor. Happy GBBD!