Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Garden Progress...

We're to the construction phase on our new veggie garden. After getting some concrete footings removed, we were able to get the posts in for our new picket fence.

Since there's a house between the garden site and our house, we have to "shuttle" a lot of our materials, supplies, tools and equipment between locations. Bet we put in a good 5K walking back and forth.

We had 6 yards of bedding mix delivered from El Jardin in League City. It wasn't cheap but starting with good soil is an important key to success in any gardening endeavor.

Things went pretty fast once I got the nail gun going. We knocked out the pickets in about 1.5 hours. Including a 30 minute lunch break at Subway. We were so filthy dirty it was the only place we weren't embarrassed to be seen at.

We'll start on the other side tomorrow and hopefully be done by Saturday - just in time for the Shrimp festival!!!

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