Thursday, November 08, 2012

Great Galveston Tree Giveaway...

Two thousand shade trees will be given away to Galveston Island residents on Saturday, November 10th from 8 AM until noon behind City Hall.  The event, best known as the “Great Galveston Tree Giveaway” is organized by the Galveston Island Tree Conservancy as part of its program to replant 40,000 destroyed by Hurricane Ike.

The trees were donated by the Apache Foundation.  “This is the fifth time that the Foundation has provided trees to Galveston residents for planting on private property, said the Conservancy’s Senior Arborist, Priscilla Files.  “Since 2009 Apache has donated more than 7,500 trees to help Galvestonians re-establish the Island tree canopy.”

A dozen species will be made available, including Live Oak, the number-one survivor of Ike’s poisonous storm surge.  

“Live Oak has proven to be a great tree for the Island, but we also want to make sure that we build in greater resiliency and diversity into our tree canopy,” Files said.  In addition to Live Oak, Island residents will be able to take home two five-gallon shade trees of popular species such as Wax Myrtle, a Texas native that attracts migratory birds and is an excellent tree for small yards. 

Most of the species being offered are from the Texas A&M Forest Service’s recommended list for Galveston Island. They include Overcup Oak, Bur Oak, Bald Cypress, American Sycamore, Cedar Elm, Sweet Bay Magnolia, Yaupon, Wax Myrtle, Blackgum, and Sweetgum. 

Quantities are limited, however, and will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis. The event will be held in the parking lot behind City Hall at 26th and Ball.  To qualify, residents should bring a utility or water bill to identify the island address where the trees will be planted. 

“Planting trees in Galveston Island is essential to restoring and rebuilding communities and improve quality of life,” said Wendy Craven, the Apache Foundation’s Program Director. “The Foundation is pleased to take part in the Island’s reforestation efforts and we look forward to contributing again in the future.” 

The Tree Conservancy, founded in 2009, works closely with the City of Galveston and other non-profits to restore the island’s forest canopy.  Galveston lost an estimated 40,000 trees as a result of salt water flooding from Hurricane Ike.  Since then, the all-volunteer organization has spearheaded a variety of popular tree-planting initiatives in association local neighborhood associations, businesses, foundations and civic groups. Thus far, using private donations and grants, it has helped plant over 
8,600 trees, including scores of large oaks on city streets and parks.

 At a Glance
Great Galveston Tree Giveaway V – 2000 Shade Trees
Saturday, Noveber 10
8:00 am – 12 noon
2601 Ball – corner of Ball and 26th
Pick up two #5 Trees and one bag of mulch; bring a Galveston Island utility/water bill

To volunteer, email Priscilla Files at, visit or text/call 409 – 599 – 6357.

For more information about GITC please visit

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