Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GG Update...

I started the Galveston Gardening Blog back in January of 2008. I wasn't a very active blogger at that time but my "output" has significantly increased since retiring in October, 2010. To this day I'm not exactly sure what GG is all about but I do know I enjoy writing/journaling about our garden experiences. Guess it's a "hold-over" from my days as a TAMU Extension Specialist. 

In the early days GG readers were largely close friends and relatives - most of whom couldn't quite figure out why I was writing a blog but were too polite to say so.  Over the last year or so readership has increased each month and it seems like more folks are enjoying the opportunity to participate in this on-line gardening community.

The GG Blog has also been a great way of meeting new people - most with an interest in gardening. Gardeners love to share info and talk about their yard or garden. I've learned a lot from comments left here and on Facebook. Social networking has definitely become an important tool for gardeners and I now have gardening buddies (most I've never met in person) all over the world. 

More recently, the Galveston Gardening Happy Hour has provided an opportunity to bring together some of my most favorite activities. Gardening, meeting other gardeners, relaxing and drinking a beer. This monthly event seems to be catching on and I invite you to drop by one of these informal get-togethers.

Lastly - I'd like to thank yall for inviting GG in to your "in box" and express my appreciation for the many positive reader comments I've received (constructive input too). I'm always interested in your thoughts and hope you will share info and invite others to participate in this on-line gardening community.  


Susan said...

I used to live in Galveston. I loved walking down the oleander lined streets. Your blog brings back some happy memories.

Galveston Gardening said...

Although Ike took out many Oleanders, we still have LOTS. The Oleander Society also has a nice display just across from the 25th St Fire House with several different cultivars.

I'm also very interested in the history of the Oleander.