Friday, October 21, 2011

24th Annual Pansy Potpourri...

Mark your calendar for the 24th Annual Pansy Potpourri, sponsored by the Galveston Garden Club (GGC). This event will be held on Thursday, November 17th, at the historic 1847 Powhatan House - located at 3427 Avenue O in Galveston.

The GGC is the oldest, continuously operating garden club in Texas and the Pansy Potpourri is an important fund raising activity that helps support club activities, as well as maintenance of their headquarters - the elegant 1847 Powhatan House.

November is the ideal time to plant pansies, since cooler temperatures help plants become established in the landscape. The pansy varieties offered by GGC are among the best for our area and, over time, have proven their ability to thrive under Gulf Coast conditions.

Here's a brief description of the pansy series offered this year (NOTE: several colors available in each).

Colossus - Plants are mounded, well-branched and vigorous growers. Flower stems are half the length of other extra large flowered varieties and flowers face upwards. Colossus flowers measure 3.5-4 inches across and plants have significantly less stretch than other extra large flowered varieties. A great selection for the Galveston Gulf Coast area.

Delta - Delta pansies bring the best of all worlds by combining large flowers, extra-early flowering, extreme uniformity across all colors and outstanding heat tolerance. Delta blooms early in low light environments, and shows up to three times the number of blooms as other varieties. Delta overwinters well, and stays attractive all winter due to short, sturdy stems.

Matrix - Matrix pansies are design-engineered to make plants with superior branching that produces plants covered with blooms. Short, strong flower stems hold the large, thick-petaled, 3.5-inch flowers beautifully over the foliage. Matrix makes high-impact landscapes and containers, and is well-suited to the Gulf Coast environment.

We hope you will participate in this year's pansy event. This is an outstanding opportunity to support the GGC and help beautify our community!!!

You'll find additional information on the GGC website.

For more information and to receive an order form please contact the Galveston Garden Club.

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