Sunday, August 21, 2011

Visit to the Dallas Farmers Market...

This summer is just ridiculous. I'm tired of the heat/drought and the effort it's taken to keep things alive. I'm also growing weary of discussing water conservation, dead trees and when I can and can't water my yard. Basically we've just hunkered down - trying to make it until the weather breaks.

Recently, we've made a few road trips (check out Chicago in previous posts) including a few days in Dallas - where, by the way, it's even hotter and drier than here!!! Among the highlights of that trip was a visit to the Dallas Farmers Market. Even though it was uncomfortably warm, I was impressed with the number of people out on a Saturday morning buying fresh produce.

Thought you might be interested in some images from our visit...

Do you go to the Galveston West End Farmers Market?
Is there a similar Farmers Market in Houston?


HolleyGarden said...

I have been dying to go to the Dallas Farmers Market! It looks fabulous! But, I probably won't make it, unless I just beg. There are three famers markets around East Texas that I visit. I know what you mean about being tired of the heat and drought!

GG said...

Just took a look at your blog

Dang... wish we had loaded up on some items at the market to can. The peaches were out of this world.

I keep hoping the weather will break - just for a day or 2 - to remind me that this place isn't hell on earth 12 months/yr. GG