Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Water Fight...

Whiskey's for drinking - waters for fighting. At least that's what Mark Twain said and when it comes to the COG's mandatory water restrictions I feel the very same way!!!

Residents are now limited to watering 2 days/week. While I agree that applying water to turfgrass places a burden on the supply - limiting the application of supplemental irrigation water to the thousands of newly planted trees throughout the community seems short sighted. Surely the brainiacs in city hall can figure this one out and make an adjustment to the regs. Galveston has made a serious commitment to "re-greening" the island following Ike. I don't think we should let our new trees dry up and blow away just because the COG " cut and paste" these restrictions in to the water use plan without consideration of these special circumstances.

On a more personal note. I have a hard time with the notion of limiting the amount of water I apply to my tiny little landscape while thousands of tourists/visitors freely shower and flush our water down the drain. Not to mention hotel swimming pools and water parks that also rely on this same water supply. But I guess it's not the first time (nor will it be the last) that the interests of Galvestonians take a back seat to tourism. HEY - Don't come after my water until every hotel, motel and igloo on the island has a low flow toilet and shower head. Then we can talk.

Mom always said "don't complain about something without offering a solution to the problem." Here's mine. Enforce the restrictions on watering turfgrass and go back to 3 days a week (phase 1) for landscape beds and ESPECIALLY newly planted trees.

Maybe I'm all wet on this one (forgive the pun). Let me know where you stand on the issue by answering our poll question.

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