Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mandatory Water Restrictions SUCK!!!

I have a serious problem with mandatory landscape water restrictions. My yard is VERY small, with less than 200 sq.' of turfgrass (which I don't water). Although I irrigate my landscape beds on a regular basis, I don't use nearly as much water as those folks with a huge expanse of St. Augustine or commercial properties that water the entire site daily.

So why is my little yard - which provides great enjoyment, not to mention a serious $$$ investment, lumped in with these larger water users every time mandatory water restrictions are adopted?

First of all - landscape beds use only a fraction of the water typically used on turfgrass areas. Would it be too difficult to specify that water restrictions apply to turf only and NOT to landscape beds? And what about all the newly planted trees around the island? Are we suppose to let them dry up once these restrictions are put in place?

Galveston is a unique area with hundreds of tiny little yards with folks that maintain tiny little landscape areas requiring a tiny little bit of water - especially when compared to some of the massive landscapes around town.

It just seems like an uneducated decision to apply these broad restrictions to every landscape situation without regard for the actual volume of water being used.

If you haven't noticed, Galveston won't be winning any city beautification awards in the near future. This beat-up-burg needs all the help it can get in the beautification department and applying these broad landscape watering restrictions every time supplies get tight doesn't help.

Come on water utility suppliers - put some thought and effort in to these water use plans and don't just throw out some broad restrictins that penalize those of us that enjoy gardening AND aren't abusing the water supply.

I could go in to a discussion on creating a water use surcharge for island visitors or increasing the use rate for commercial properties to offset the cost of purchasing water from other municipalities. But I'm just a garden dude not a politician.

Lastly - I think that anyone in the City of Galveston that is willing and able to maintain their yard/landscape should be REWARDED not penalized. They are helping to create the quality of life and vision for the future I keep hearing our city leaders talk about but never seem to DO much about.

P.S. Next time mandatory restrictions are implemented I suggest we ban the use of water for all mixed drinks on the Island. Now THAT would result in some serious savings!!!

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