Sunday, February 01, 2009

Welcome to a Garden Bloggers Chronicle...

This ebook represents a collection of postings spanning the 3 year history (2009 – 2012) of the Galveston Gardening blog. Topics include landscape water conservation, gardening techniques, discussions on current events, travel logs and more.

These postings are presented chronologically and don’t necessarily follow the same logical order as a traditional gardening book. I think of the somewhat chaotic arrangement of topics like a “quilt” of gardening information (others might say disorganized). With over 100 pages of text and images, hopefully you’ll find some relevant topics of interest.

Many of these posts were created with links to other information resources OR embedded video. When/where possible, these links have been included in the ebook text.

About the Author…
I’m Don Wilkerson, recent retiree from Texas A&M University's Department of Horticultural Sciences - where for 28 years I served as a Professor and Extension Specialist in the area of Ornamental Horticulture

Since retiring I became interested in blogging and in 2009 started Galveston Gardening. The GG Blog is designed to provide landscape gardening information for Galveston and the Texas Upper Gulf Coast. It’s a great forum to share info, post events and get tips and suggestions on how to deal with a wide range of gardening problems. As well as to share success stories with interested friends and fellow gardeners. 

AND – Galveston Gardening is prepared with a HEALTHY SENSE OF HUMOR and FUN!!! Because after all - that's what coastal living is about...

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